El'ison Man Kou / chi siamo
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Ch. Rahnee Dhao's Zachi
Ch. Let Me Go Home Ch. Alka-Trast Love Bear HotPepper owner  M.C.Oieni Heavenly Cream
Edward Her Majestic Oriental Godess ChilliPepper owner D. Giustiniani
Zolotaja Horydeja Zhozefina Gloomy own B. Ude Oriental Touch Ophelia own Quintiliani
Ektor El'ison Man Kou & Gloomy El'ison Man Kou
Rossy White Nissy Around The Globe Jackpot EppeSmooth
CinnamonDelice dell'Antico Oriente Rossy White Nissy Black Sabbath Ektor (Naruto)own Mrs B.Ude
Bessy  own Mrs R. Vietti Edward Kromwelt Her Majestic
HeavenlyCream El'ison Man kou and your babies
Sweet Cream Joel "Jojò" Sweet Cream Joel "Jojò" Tikka Masala Raicho Akane
Raicho Akane - Ronan - Tikka Masala
Le-Szi-Ni Red Smooth Europe Le-Szi-Ni Red Smooth Europe Wild Fire El'ison Man Kou Sparkling Wine El'ison Man Kou
  June 2013 Rossy White Nissy and puppies

June 2013 Red-Rose Mary and puppies